How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery In Short Time



“Nothing comes from doing nothing” said Williams Shakespeare. And I add that nothing could be truth than this statement. Regarding lotteries it is a profitable truth. This is a powerful statement. I like it. If you want, not just to increase your chance of winning the lottery, but even to win the lottery, you have to take a physical action. And if you want to win the lottery, not just once, but many, many times, you should to work on your lotto system permanently after every live draw. I do not say it just for you to think that I want to punish you. I, myself, worked on my lotto system for decades. Only making so I won the lottery hundreds times different sums of money including the dreamed lotto jackpot. Then imagine that I know a thing or two about lotteries. It is not enough to buy a lotto ticket with so called lucky numbers to compete with millions of other people who want the same thing, a substantial lotto prize for doing nothing.

First of all you collect the last 50 previous draws of your togel hari ini system. When a new live draw takes place, you write down the result and integrate this result in your existing data. You arrange all the drawn numbers in columns by their frequency and study the behavior of the numbers, the conditions, the characteristics and the patterns. Learn how much you can each time, after every draw. While you work, think only positively by repeating in your mind “I can” statement. Or you can make another powerful statement with your own words. Something that speaks to yourself. For example: “I am a money magnet”, “I love money and money loves me”. However, avoid in this phase to say “I am going to win the jackpot” because you are still unprepared well for it and it will be hard to convince your subconscious mind to help you right now. You will have enough time later to say it. Right now be patient and continue to accumulate experience.

To maximize the effect of your work, effort, positive thoughts and positive affirmations, visualize what you affirm. Take 10-15 minutes a day to make a vivid mental image of the final scene, namely seeing yourself happy holding a large cheque in your hands. Before I won, I saw in my mind how the manager of my bank kisses my hand and what you think? Short time after this, It happened in reality. However, remember what I tell you now. The magic of winning the lottery, you will see happening in the moment in which you will feel 100% sure that you are going to win without any doubt.

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