Baumatic Domino Hobs – An Environment Friendly Option



What are Hobs?

Global warming is the burning issue in today’s time and every one is turning towards to the user friendly and environment friendly options for everything they use and make use of. People are becoming fans of the new and exciting technologies that are not harmful to the environment and saves energy. Nowadays, the art of predilection cooking is now lost at the utmost value. The gas and electric hobs have begin to have a grip over the market and user’s mind but the induction hobs have now issued as an accelerator at this fall.

The hobs are not only significant for the burning issue of global warming but also for good and smooth life of human beings. The induction hobs are more expensive than the customary gas hobs and typical and traditional electrical hobs. The technique used in cooking food in this method is the main attraction.


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Baumatic BTC2.1ss Ceramic Domino Hob:

*It is 30cm long 2 Hyper speed zone 20 unit: pkv domino qq

*It has double hyper speed zone which is 120/180mm in diameter and also 1.70kW in value.

*The control is operated by the front touch panel.

*Timer is applicable for left over time in programming and the stop end timings.

*It is designed with 2 residual heat indicators, frame is all about wrap around, and safety lock.

*Basic accessories:

-Ceramic hob scraper

-BTJS2 it is joining strip for the domino hobs which is not mandatory but optional.

*Cut-out Dimensions are like W275mm x D490mm.

Baumatic – PVC2ss Pythagora Ceramic Domino Hob in Stainless Steel:

*It is also Pythagora 30cm long 2 Hyper speed zone ceramic domino hob

*Measurements like are:

1 x 1.80kW Hyperspeed zone Ø 180mm

1 x 1.20kW Hyperspeed zone Ø 140mm

*It is designed with front control operations, and only one single individual residual heat indicator.

*Basic accessories consist of Ceramic hob scraper, and an optional part like PJS Joining strip for Pythagora Domino hobs.

*Cut-out Dimensions are a little less than the above mentioned model that is W268mm x D490mm.

Baumatic BE2.1SS 30cm Domino Solid Plate Hob in Stainless Steel:

*It is a 30cm long Electric Domino Hob with 2 solid plates.


1 x 2.00 kW rapid plate, Ø 180 mm

1 x 1.50 kW rapid plate, Ø 145 mm

*It has front control operation and optional BTJS Joining strip for domino hobs in an extra form.

Baumatic PWK1ss Dominio Gas Hob in Stainless Steel:

*PWK1 model is also 30cm in measurements with 1 wok burner gas domino hob.

*The triple crown wok burner is 1 x 4.5 kW.

*It works on LPG kit and there is an optional point to be added that is PJS joining strip for domino hobs.

*It is designed with stainless steel, and technical data designing.


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