Ascent to Everest



We recently saw the movie Everest. I’m horribly afraid of heights so at times I couldn’t even watch the movie. It’s based on a true story, but my husband said the movie was more like a documentary than a feel good movie.

Interesting thing is the people that are going to make the attempt to climb Everest have to be EXTREMELY physically fit. There is no way in this world anyone with much fat on their body or a weak heart would ever make it. They probably don’t even attempt it, but if they did they wouldn’t make it.

Once they get to a certain camp they have to practice climbing and preparing their bodies for the altitude. They will climb so far and go back, climb so far and go back until they start the final ascent. They have a goal in mind to get to the top of the mountain at any cost.

As I think about that movie I wonder if I feel that way about my goals. Am I willing to do whatever I need to do to achieve my goals? Am I willing to do the conditioning that I need to do to finally achieve the ultimate goal – seeing in the physical natural realm what I’ve been praying for and seeking.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to sacrifice sleep, time, sometimes money. Lots of sacrifices are made in order to achieve the goals. But lately I have found myself not wanting to pay the ultimate price. Instead of getting up one hour early, well maybe I’ll sleep in a little bit and I’ll get up 45 minutes early. The next thing you know I’m back to barely getting up in time to do what I need to do in the mornings to just eat breakfast and get ready for work.

In the movie someone slipped and fell, that caused several other people to fall as well. Terrible pkv domino qq effect. It’s like that with us and our goals. When we slip and fall we cause a domino effect as well. It has been well said, “someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience.” If we slip and fall we take others with us. We get up, brush ourselves off and hope no one really got hurt including ourselves. But what if you don’t get back up in the same condition or attitude that you had before you fell? What if someone does get hurt because you fell? What happens to them?

When it comes to goals we can’t let ourselves fall and not get back up. We will fall, yes, we will make mistakes, of course. When we do find ourselves slipping and sliding and not doing the things we need to do to achieve our goals then we need to tighten up our boot straps. We need to choose “again” to go after our goals and do what we need to do to achieve them.

It’s time for me to tighten up my boot straps – will you join me in the ascent to Everest and see ourselves on top of the mountain – literally seeing in the physical realm everything we have believed and prayed for.


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